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Remember my basement?  The Hellmouth?  Well, maybe I cannot accomplish miracles in one month, but give me two or three and all matters of accomplishment can happen as my photos will attest.

Before:                                               After:




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Finally bought and planted the Limelight Hydrangea and am so psyched at the pretty.  See for yourself!  When I started working on the garden last March, I cleared all of the weeds from this small area and divided and transplanted the hostas.  The Limelight Hydie was the crowning touch.  Thank you Labor Day gardening sales!

The once derelict plot

Up close and pretty

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Okay, got it.  I’m going to turn the hell mouth that is my basement into a pleasant, creative, fun, happy space for my kids on a budget of zero $.  Currently it’s a disaster zone of toys, art kits and supplies, trains and stuff.  The Huz moved the kid items out of the “art” room in the basement to create a Man Cave.  Said items do not have a home and look sad laying around in piles.  I will organize them and make pretty.  Huz hung art work, for which I’m grateful, but it’s still awfully bare down there.  Here’s some photos to view the BEFORE scene.  Clearly something must be done, stat!

The Hell Mouth

The “art” area
The art on the walls barely disguises the chaos. Barely.
My kids transform most places into “beds”

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Is it ADD or my cell phone?

Here’s an interesting article about ADD/ADHD vs. feeling “overloaded” with technology.



I will say, being pretty much unplugged for 10 days in Italy did me worlds of good.  I was more focused than usual.  Seems obvious, but I easily fall into checking email/Facebook/NPR all day long.

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One of my unpublished, unspoken resolutions for April has been happening and I’m pretty excited about it.  Last month, I finished my first semester in the Spalding University brief-residency MFA in writing program.  With this in mind, I was hoping to take some time off from writing and actually start submitting my work with some degree of planning and regularity.  Well, the planning has fallen to hell with spring break and now my realization that I have to write an essay on two Fellini films in two weeks, read two books and submit 20 pages of writing by May 5 or 7 (I forget), but somehow, when I’m procrastinating on laundry or cleaning the fridge, I’ve managed to research and submit three essays, one a day, this week alone!  Four in the past month.  So I’m putting myself out there and it’s both exhilarating and terrifying.

Wish I could say I’ve done more on the spiritual search, but I did have a great conversation with an old friend and mother role-model the other night that gave me momentum.  More to come.

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While I have already summed up some of my progress/failures of the month, I thought I’d do so in a more official manner to match previous months.  Then, I’m moving on!

Purchase peat pots and terrarium for seeds — NOPE, haven’t done it yet.  Still have plenty of time and I’m going to sow some of the seeds directly into the soil because my father, the expert gardener, says that’s how he does it.  Make way for lettuce, radish, and maybe carrots, Garden!

Move plants that are in the wrong place — CHECK!  Well, for the most part.  I can’t move the peonies or hollyhocks until after they bloom, so fall.  But I did move the oak leaf hydrangeas and my husband moved the crowded azalea.  The hostas and irises, and maybe tulips, will also have to wait for fall dividing and replanting.  At least now I know.

Build 2 more raised vegetable beds — NOPE.  We’ve had a cold spell and haven’t gotten to the yard in weeks.  It will happen.

Plan the garden in front of the garage — IN PROCESS.  I did plant a knock out rose to fill in the gap where I pulled a hollyhock last summer and to hopefully dissuade my dog/moose from traipsing in the bed.

Attend gardening workshop — NOPE.  Fortunately, these happen pretty regularly throughout the spring and summer, so all is not lost.

How’d I do?  On the surface, not great.  Dig deeper and I’m satisfied.  It was a busy and wrenching month and still I was able to purchase new plants, move old ones and plan ahead.  Compared to last year, I am a master gardener.

Celtic knot symbolizing body/mind/spirit interconnection. I've always been drawn to Celtic symbols.

One thing I’ve learned from focusing on the soil is that I gain a lot of spiritual comfort getting my hands dirty, sweating in the sun, seeing my plants bloom, and having quiet time just me and my yard.  The categories that I have set up for this blog are organizational constructs, but I know that body/mind/spirit are false divisions devised by Greek philosophers and reinforced by Judeo-Christian texts and homilies.  It all blends together for me.  Gardening is one part body (dirty hands, sweat, sore muscles), one part mind (understanding basic botany, visual organizing), one part spiritual (as outlined before), and altogether creative.  This is as close to religion as I sometimes get, but now I’m eluding to next month’s goal: Spirituality.  And it’s a doozy!

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Almost the end of the month time, time for reflection.

This month I didn’t have lofty goals.  I knew that my kids’ schedules would not permit much room for me to percolate with personal growth.  And then smack in the middle of the chaos came death.  My father’s long-time girlfriend – a strong charismatic woman – fell ill and passed in one brief month.  Not enough time to process the loss, to know what to say to her or my father.  So, in between running to ballet and soccer and ping-ponging between schools sometimes 3 or 4 times a day with various events and volunteering commitments, I drove to the hospital.  I drove to the nursing home.  I drove back to the hospital.  And I wrote daily emails to my out-of-town family to help them keep track.  This month did not turn out like I expected, but I am glad my personal goals were digestible and I’m learning that each month’s goals need not end the last day of the month.  Each month is a beginning process, rather.  An opportunity to grow and commit to stop the neurosis, start the action.

The focus of the month has been my garden/s, my yard.  The main thing I’ve learned is: it’s too early to start most of the gardening I want to do!  It’s a great time to plant or transplant shrubs, so I did that.  Summer bulbs can go in – still on my list.  And some vegetables can be sown directly in the garden soil, particularly root vegetables that take longer to grow and lettuces.  Haven’t done that yet either, but did turn the soil in the beds.  Some of my more nagging weeds are gone, so that’s improvement, and I have more of a vision for what I want the green space surrounding me and my family to look like.  I haven’t attended the garden workshops on my list, but there’s still time.  Most are offered throughout the growing season.  One big thing I learned is some garden centers charge much much more for a plant you can get for $9.98 at Lowes.  If it doesn’t make it, I’m only out $9.98.  I call it stress-free, budget gardening.  I also learned that friends are willing to give me cuttings for free.  If anyone in the River City needs some Sedum or Hostas (come Fall), give me a shout.

New leaves on the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas that I moved! They like me! They really like me!

Gardening, and being outside in general, has a calming effect on me.  It boosts my mood, even if I don’t know what I’m doing.  Taking walks with my beastly dog amongst the flowering trees has helped bring comfort at a time of loss.  I know I haven’t been as diligent getting to the blog and my posts have been more scattered in focus (and trust me, I’m still taking the Vyvanse!), but I am feeling the old adage hold true–March is going out like a lamb, or in my case like Lamb’s Ear.

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