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Outfitting and styling

The Huz brought home a surprise for me yesterday.  While cleaning out some department at his university, he found a cache of bike helmets that had been sitting around without homes for years (casualties of a now defunct program).

Here is my son modeling the new helmet.  Notice the freakin’ adorable cherry motif!

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Went to two bike stores today with my daughter and my friend Jennifer.  Jennifer is a bike enthusiast and has a blog about, well, biking.  Anyhoo, Jennifer kindly offered to accompany me to look at helmets and bike locks.  Since I know nothing about riding no bikes.

My daughter in front of a confusing array of helmets

I love that Jennifer introduced me to the sales associates as soon as we entered both stores.  It made me feel important.  The helmets either come in S, M, L (for women, at least; I assume also for men) or universal size, which has a cool dial to adjust the size within the helmet.  I learned a few things from trying on helmets today:

  1. Helmets are expensive!  The cheapest ones are $35 and can go up to $200!  Jeez!
  2. All helmets have the exact same safety features; the difference lies in how comfy they are, how breath-a-ble (in other words how sweaty I want my hair to be).
  3. My hair looks god-awful under a helmet.  Ponytail time.

Confusing array of bike locks

Locks are a bit cheaper: $20-$45.  Jennifer recommended either a U-lock or thick (rather than thin) chain lock.  Reassuringly, she told me if someone wants to steal my bike, they’re going to saw through either of these locks.

Cute Electra wicker basket with adorable liner

The last thing I looked at with any seriousness was the bike baskets. The Electras have baskets that fasten with a mounting bracket to assure alignment.  Just snap the basket on or off and head to the farmer’s market.  Voila!   Wicker baskets run around $45 and  the wire baskets run around $49.  Some of the wicker baskets have cute liners too.  See?

I didn’t make any purchases today.  No money to spend.  But now I know how much I need to save for my trip to the bike shop.  First trip, however, will be to adjust my handlebars back from Harley Mama to Wicked Witch of the West.

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