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Work it!

So, my husband and I were talking about ADD and careers this morning and it got me thinking.  Creative types like us really suffer when we try to conform to the traditional work day, to more traditional, structured jobs.  The authors of You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid suggest careers for ADD adults, which are pretty much all of the creative variety.  Of course I’ve never liked the 9-to-5 grind!  I can work within the structure so long as I have a lot of creative license, but that is not often the case.  That’s why I enjoy teaching: I have a great deal of autonomy, I’m only scheduled to be in the classroom a few hours a week and work on my own the rest of the time, and I create assignments to engage young adults.  It’s challenging and fun.  And, of course, I love writing but so far haven’t made enough money from that to call it a job or deduct taxes.  The worst job I ever had was a three-month stint in the slide library at the university where I teach.  I had a strict schedule, dull, repetitive tasks, the same routine every day, I rarely had conversations with co-workers because we had to be quiet, and my boss seriously micro-managed me.  During my breaks, I’d hide in the stairwell and cry or call random people just to have some social contact.  My misery makes so much sense now.  I need variety and creative control, partially from the ADD, partially because I’m a control freak!  But how many people try to be square pegs in round holes day in and day out, believing if they just tried harder, worked longer, stuck with it another year, they’d be happy with their jobs?

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