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I am ending the month-long quest for stillness and flexibility this week. Brought along my out-of-town friend, First Laura, met my blog-influenced friend, EEK, and saw my realtor in the corner of the room. The Saturday hot yoga class is still crowded, but not with as many familiar faces. Are other people’s resolutions wearing out this early?

Kristi, our instructor, was not there today but perky Beth was. It was a gentle session. Kristi pushes us a bit harder, but no complaints. My back popped and crackled like cereal and even though I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. last night, I feel energized. The true test this week will be checking in with my doctor. Has my blood pressure gone down?

Next Saturday I start paying on a new plan. I hope to keep the momentum from this month. I’m pleased that I’ve brought a few friends into the fold.

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Remain calm

I awoke before the alarm went off and both kids got up with me and my husband.  Auspicious.  I was planning to get to my yoga class on time and I needed to get the Bobinator (my son) to school early (no small task).  Kids dressed.  I dressed in yoga stretchies.  Yoga mat: check.  Water in stinky metal bottle: check.  Everyone ready?  Let’s go!  Got son to school early and surprised his teacher.  Had time to chat with a friend in the parking lot and dashed to the studio.  The room looked dark and I saw one woman stretching inside.  The lot was full of cars.  Was I late or really early?  Got to the door and noticed no one was at the desk.  Checked the schedule on the door and . . . fail.  No 9:00 class this morning.

Well, at least I know I can get there on time if the kids cooperate this well.

Lesson for today:  look at schedule the night before!  I just programmed all of the hot yoga classes that work in my schedule on my phone calendar, with an alert one hour ahead.  My next chance to do yoga will be on Friday at 9:00, but this is iffy.  Saturday is looking more promising.  The good news is, next week I think I can get in 3 classes.  And since I won’t be doing yoga for a few days, my next blogs will be about the practice of hot yoga.  Commence research now!

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Resolution #1: Hot Yoga

This blog is not going to be about losing weight.  Not that I couldn’t stand to lose a few tens of pounds in various regions, but I don’t find weight loss that interesting a subject matter, plus it just isn’t my goal.  Now, if I lose weight inadvertently I will not mourn the loss of chunk.  I have friends who have been practicing yoga for years and I have to admit, they look good: strong, athletic, lean, healthy.  I’d love to look like my friends or the models in the Athleta catalog, but my reasons for wanting to do yoga are numerous and weight loss is truly at the bottom of the list.

The list goes something like this (and the order of importance changes depending on the day and time of the month):

  1. Back pain due to degenerative disc in lower back (the pain began 4 years ago during my last pregnancy).
  2. Migraines (sinus/allergy and hormone and barometric pressure-related).
  3. Mood/PMS (I want to stay married).
  4. Insomnia (not so bad now, but can be).
  5. Crohn’s Disease (I’m convinced hot yoga will help.  I have a mild-to-moderate case.  It’s more irritating than painful).
  6. Stress & anxiety (my husband says I “have no Zen”).
  7. Focus (the ADD can be quite frustrating).
  8. Weight loss (really, toning the stomach muscles weakened by years of ice cream indulgence and two C-sections).

I have a friend who swears by hot yoga.  It has helped her migraines and arthritis.  She has amazing calf muscles.

So, throughout January I will attend hot yoga classes and tell you about my experience.  I will also share research about hot yoga and information about the studio I where I plan to attend classes.  Hopefully, I’ll even continue going in February.

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