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After yoga this morning I figured, hey, I’m already sweaty why not get dirty too.  So I headed to the backyard where my family was already tidying and playing.  My husband turned the compost, mowed the grass, and laid a path of pavers from the sidewalk to the vegetable garden, right under the pesky dogwood tree.  I gave the mophead hydrangea a haircut (deadheaded) and transplanted the oak leaf hydrangeas from the front to the back yard.  In two short hours we made some nice improvements!  The paver stone path will look awesome once I plant a creeping ground cover around them, maybe a step-able herb that releases aromatic scents when you step on them like thyme.  And I’m relieved to have the oak leaf hydrangeas in a nice shady spot below the deck.  Their roots looked good, there’s some new growth.  I’m encouraged.  I dug the new holes deep and wide enough to accommodate the root balls. The soil is really clay-y but fortunately huge roots from my neighbor’s oak tree run through the holes meaning the bushes will drain well.  I mulched and watered, but now I need to leave them be for a little while.  I can’t over-water them or the roots will rot.  Before you judge, the bushes are supposed to look like skeletons in early spring.  The mophead hydrangea already has loads of new growth.  I’m ready for the trees to start flowering and get this spring party started!

This is an excellent site chock full of hydrangea information: Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas!

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas in their new home

Sassy Mophead Hydrangea showing off its new growth


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