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I used to sit on a neighborhood park board of directors and remember hosting events with Master Gardeners from the Horticultural Cooperative Extension.  That led me to the Jefferson County Horticultural Department which houses the Cooperative Extension and hosts a Horticultural Hotline as well as an email service with a gardening expert.  So as not to overwhelm the poor volunteer gardener, I wrote her a short email listing four of my problem areas and questions.  I hope she can help.  The department has loads of videos and newsletters that I will need to explore as well as a monthly lecture series.  The next lecture is on March 21 and will be about growing vegetables at home as a “resistance to the dominant culture.”  I like the sound of that from a sociological standpoint, although I doubt I’ll gain many tips on dividing spring bulbs and organic pest resistance.

This website also offered a bevy of resources, many new to me: Louisville Green Guide.  And I bought a copy of Fine Gardening that actually had some great ideas for some of the troublesome spots, in addition to beautiful photographs.

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