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Resolution #8: Meditation

I’ll be honest, I know nothing about meditation.  In fact, it doesn’t really interest me.  But the truth is I have no Zen (according to the Huz) and anxiety is always beating down my door.  Last year, one of my doctors gave me the card for her “meditation guru”.  I just sent her an email about meeting her.  Why did it take me a year?  Because I am not a peaceful person and this feels weird, that’s why!

My only goal in trying this is to see if it helps reduce stress and boosts my concentration, you know, the ADD thing.

There’s also a workshop this weekend I may attend about women and stress management.

Oddly, I’m less stressed than usual, but I have been creatively blocked so filtering out the useless crap in my head seems like a good idea.

Chalk this one up in the Spirituality category.


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