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Before I look over this month’s resolution success, I need to decide what’s next.  Originally, I was going try to take a sewing class and have a few lessons with a friend to finally make a few projects that are needed around the house plus get my creativity on.  With March packed with my daughter’s various rehearsals, I’m not sure this is realistic.  It’s not out yet, but I’m mulling over options that don’t require me to schedule and pay for a class.  Other thoughts I’ve had: come up with an actual garden plan (last year I had an epic garden fail), start my spiritual exploration–4 Sundays at a Unitarian Church OR read Richard Dawkins OR both (but I had that planned for April, during Easter and Passover), or learn some basic graphic design skills (but that requires some planning with my designer friend who is going through a lot right now).  I need to not rely on someone else’s schedule. I’ve also thought about doing something NOT on my list that would fit in one of the categories: actually plan my will and research my eternal options, comes to mind.  The thing is, I could still keep going with the ADD goal because I have so much ground to cover.  I think it will imbue every goal I attempt this year.  It is pervasive, so let’s agree to accept it as an underlying goal each month.

Any thoughts? What would be a low-cost, self-directed March goal that fits in with my mind/body/spirit/creativity model?  I posted a list of my ideas at the beginning of the year, perhaps I need to revisit it.

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Just want to check in and see how I’m doing with my first resolution after kissing it goodbye a few weeks ago.  Of course, I wasn’t planning to abandon the resolution; in fact, my goal was to incorporate it into my routine.

Namaste, birthday girl

So how did I do?  Well, not great to be honest.  I would like to get to yoga twice a week, but I’ve slipped to once a week.  Last week, I didn’t go at all.  I blame my hormones.

Notice how my son is NOT following directions

Seriously.  Don’t ask.  I will say that I had a 3-day migraine that prevented me from doing much besides slowly sip a soda and sleep.  Perhaps, if I had made it to yoga, I wouldn’t have had such a humdinger.  Back to the studio tonight, though.  Valentine’s Day corrupted my waistline yet again, so I’m eager to get back to the mats.  Plus, my daughter Fiona had her 7th birthday party yesterday at a yoga studio and it inspired me to see all of those cutie friends of hers doing the tree pose.  Now my 4-year-old son says he loves yoga and wants to do it.  Here are a few photos to share the cuteness:

Fiona and BFF, little yoginis

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