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The dormant peonies

It’s a rainy Saturday and I’m solo parenting while the husband is attending a few work functions.  So, my gardening chores today are online.  I started with the peonies.  They are so beautiful in mid-May: grapefruit size pink blooms so heavy they bend the stems into arcs.  I inherited two peony plants with the house, but they are completely hidden from view in the back corner of the side yard.  Only I know about them.  Well, maybe my neighbor’s yard guy too.  I looked up information about transplanting these lovelies at the National Gardening Association website and learned a lot, but unfortunately, this is looking like a fall task.  Apparently, I need to move (and divide!) my babies in the fall but it will take them several years to establish.  I can’t dig the hole too deep or they won’t bloom.  Can’t have that.  The good news is once they’ve

Future home for my lovelies

established, they don’t need much care (just mulching, maybe a little compost and deadheading in the winter) for decades.  Oh, and they prefer full sun, so now I have a plan for that bare spot in front of the Irises!  Yay! Only, I have to wait until late September to get this plan off the ground, so to speak.  Boo.


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