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One of my unpublished, unspoken resolutions for April has been happening and I’m pretty excited about it.  Last month, I finished my first semester in the Spalding University brief-residency MFA in writing program.  With this in mind, I was hoping to take some time off from writing and actually start submitting my work with some degree of planning and regularity.  Well, the planning has fallen to hell with spring break and now my realization that I have to write an essay on two Fellini films in two weeks, read two books and submit 20 pages of writing by May 5 or 7 (I forget), but somehow, when I’m procrastinating on laundry or cleaning the fridge, I’ve managed to research and submit three essays, one a day, this week alone!  Four in the past month.  So I’m putting myself out there and it’s both exhilarating and terrifying.

Wish I could say I’ve done more on the spiritual search, but I did have a great conversation with an old friend and mother role-model the other night that gave me momentum.  More to come.


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